What is Dragon City?

Dragon City is an interpersonal organization game created by Social Point which was propelled for play on Facebook on May 8, 2012, and for download on IOS in 2013.[1][2] In August 2014 the previously mentioned designer made the game accessible for download on Intel Atom tablets for Android.[3] The game targets mid-center players, enabling them to raise their very own dragons and make a Dragon City on coasting islands. Dragon City can be associated with Facebook (giving players a reward of the Elements Dragon and 10 Gems, in-game money used to buy dragons and different things).

DRAGON CITY is a reenactment game where you raise animation dragons. In the first place, you pick natural surroundings, and after that, you incubate, feed, and raise a dragon to adulthood. When it’s a grown-up, your dragon can battle or breed with different grown-ups to make new child dragons for your city. Reproducing occurs with gliding hearts, and doing combating includes tapping catches to pick moves, however, the dragons don’t really contact one another – they simply bring about harm focuses until they vanish. As you complete assignments, you procure experience focuses and in-application cash, every one of which opens capacities or empowers you to purchase things. In-application buys flourish: You can accelerate your step up by utilizing genuine cash, and you can spend on anything from cool frill for your dragon to expanded powers in a fight. To abstain from spending genuine cash, you can “acquire” free jewels by agreeing to accept unique offers, reviews, or different applications. Additionally, you can visit the dragon urban communities that your contacts have made, where you can tap their dragons and living spaces to include experience indicates and in-application cash their coffers.

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Manufacture yourself an otherworldly city and fill it with structures, natural surroundings, and dragons!


Feed your dragons and cause them to advance into solid monsters! You’ll have the option to prepare them and show them new abilities.


Gather more than 600 dragons of various components and rarities to finish the Dragon Book. You can turn into the top gatherer in the game!


Fight against different players in the Dragon Leagues and face energizing difficulties in the competitions to win loads of remunerations!

Fabricate a Dragon City on coasting islands and fill it with ranches, living spaces, structures… and dragons! Gather and train your adorable children and advance them into amazing fight mammoths that will shield you in the PvP Arenas!  Unite with other Dragon Masters in Alliances, communicate in the visit, take an interest in Alliance occasions, and open selective prizes. Dragon City is a cool game on Facebook that incorporates numerous different sorts of dragons. Your goal is to breed dragons, profit, gather new dragons and breed more grounded dragons. From that point forward, take them and challenge different players to make prizes. The primary concern is to breed uncommon and awesome dragons. In addition to the fact that they make you extraordinary arrangements of gold, they are additionally incredible in battle.


There are for the most part 9 kinds of dragons that you can breed. They are:


Contingent on the kind of dragon, every dragon makes the diverse measure of gold/min. For example, Terra dragons procure a great deal of gold every moment, anyway, their Terra living space confines the most extreme measure of gold it can make. Fire animals make less gold/min, anyway, they have a more prominent ideal gold for the fire territory, making it a more drawn out term money related venture. In the event that you are a functioning player, Terra natural surroundings are the best approach. For less dynamic gamers, you will need to pick less gold/min however higher most extreme gold natural surroundings.

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Diamonds are utilized to buy uncommon dragons. These are uncommon for a free gamer, as they are only available with battling different players and succeeding the battle competition at regular intervals or step up. The Dragon Stadium will in like manner enable you to make Gems too when you win battles at regular intervals. Create one when you get the chance.


This is fundamental in each dragon city. Sustenance levels your dragons, making them more grounded at the battle and furthermore winning progressively gold every moment. To get sustenance, you can build ranches to develop nourishment.


Gold is where you use to do everything in the game. To acquire gold, you can either gather from your natural surroundings or do missions and take an interest in day by day remunerates. Offering dragons that are uncommon can likewise be an incredible method to make gold, however that will require time.

Dragon Training

Your dragon is equipped for preparing once it hits level 15. Select the capacity that you want your dragon to learn. Assaults encompassed by a gold outskirt are extremely solid assaults, so you should concentrate on and get familiar with those first. Aptitudes will set aside some effort to learn.

Tips and Tricks

Try not to contribute pointless Gems on things, for example, quickening portal speed or duplicating rate except if you wouldn’t fret spending genuine cash. Spare them for the incubation facility overhaul, offering you more space to breed dragons.

You have to realize that Dragon City is where clients raise dragons: You feed them, breed them, manufacture them natural surroundings, and battle them against different dragons. You can likewise interface through Game Center, Facebook, or Google Play to visit your companions’ dragon urban areas to give or sell assets. Finishing exercises can gain you in-application money to purchase things, and there additionally are plentiful in-application buys that enable you to step up considerably quicker. Clients can likewise impart individual data to a wide assortment of organizations to acquire “free” pearls by agreeing to accept overviews or downloading applications. The engineers express that the game is expected for clients beyond 14 18 years old that clients under 18 will need parental consent, so despite the fact that this resembles a game for more youthful children, its entrance to web-based life and accentuation on industrialism (without parent doors) makes it for youngsters.

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