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Dragon City Hack – Unlimited Golds & Gems 2019

Welcome to our Dragon City Hack Guide, where you can find and get access to our free tools that will give you unlimited amount of resources. Take your time to read our full guide to make everything works like charm. We also provide a full video proof that you can use as a guide. Everything in here is a spoon feed, everything in here is FREE. All you need to have is a device, an internet and a brain. If you have any problem, you can email us (admin@hackingdragoncity.com).

dragon city hack

ATTENTION!! Dragon City Hack
As a creator of this dragon city hack tool, we do not allow anyone to use our system for their own benefits, users who will be found using our tool to make money will automatically get software ban. We know that we cannot monitor users 24/7 so we came into a decision that you can only use the Dragon City Hack tool once a day per 1 device. Our goal here is to give you more enjoyment and for people to not spend more money. You’re very welcome!

Is it Unfair to use our Dragon City Hack Tool?

Of course it will be unfair for other users that bought gems with real money, most of them have a better fortune in life, but how about those who are unable to buy gems using real money? They might be struggling in real life that’s why they can’t afford to buy gems & golds. That’s why we’re here. To give you better experience and more enjoyment on the game. For sure there will still be lots of rich people who don’t need our hack tool and will spend their money as much as they want, so you don’t have to worry for all the Game Developers if they lose money.

How to Use Dragon City Hack

Before you get started, make sure you have an internet and a device (Android/IOS).

  • Start accessing our system by clicking here.
  • Input your username (Make sure it is correct) and platform.
  • Enter the amount of gems and golds you want to generate.
  • Confirm human verification to avoid robot spamming and abuses from other users.
  • Restart your game and enjoy!!

We are affiliated to GTTGAME

If you don’t have Dragon City and want to join us, download it in playstore or appstore.

All About Our Tool

Our Dragon City Hack only provide free and unlimited resources. We can give you millions of golds and gems instantly without getting banned from the game. We will secure your account and won’t ask for any password. Everything is instant and very easy to access. Make sure to follow the entire instruction and you’re good to go! Other Dragon City Hack feature is on process so stay updated and always visit our website!

How Does it work?

For this we cannot give much information, if we tell you how it work, the game developers might see it and find a way to blocked it. For now one thing is for sure, everything is safe, we do not ask for anyone’s credential information like your password, we do not make you download any malicious file that will harm your device, we only ask for your username and we’re the ones who apply your resources. Guaranteed working as of 2019 and we will still do our best to keep this alive!

Dragon City Hack
dragon city hack

Why we make this Dragon City Hack?

Our main reason is, we are a grey hat hackers, to improve our skills we need to create and make more hacks that are impossible to make, through making this kind of tool, our skills are getting sharpened and more experiences we gather. Also we want other people who are unfortunate to buy premium in game money to also enjoy the game just like the rich kids who can just buy and buy premium in game money. We want you to experience the same experience they have and let you enjoy the game in much easier way. We are up on making more of this as we get great feed backs from the people that use this.

Why Use Our Dragon City Hack?

Well like what we’ve said from the previous article, everything in here is safe, no ban rates, not a phishing site, and it does not require you to download any malicious file. Everything we ask for the users are their username and the amount of premium resources they want to generate. We have 0% ban rate due to we are able to sneak in our software and they could not detect it as an alien software. We tested multiples of accounts and none of them got banned and we also received great feed backs from other users and up until now, their accounts are still alive. If you are still doubting, you can use your dummy account to try and test everything. We do not force you, but if everything goes well please leave a feed backs for us thank you!

Also everything is very easy to use, you do not need broad knowledge about computer to make it work, you can check the full video guide above to see how it works.

Unlike the other Dragon City Hack that you can see on the surface web, none of them are working, all of them got bypassed by the game developers and some are fake. Our Dragon City Hack is always updated and the developers are 24 hours surveilling the system. We make sure that everything is smooth and we guarantee that we can meet your satisfaction need! Have fun and enjoy the unlimited amount of golds and gems on the game!

dragon city hack