Dragon City is a social simulation game in which you need to make a mystical city where the majority of your dragons can live easily and pleasantly. You need to give them a spot to sleep, nourishment, stimulation, and everything else they should be glad. Players can discover, train, and master in excess of a hundred unique dragons. What’s more, as the game is refreshed every week, the quantity of accessible dragons grows. In any case, you must have a city that is decent enough to draw in dragons. The primary objective of Dragon City is to prepare your dragons so that they can battle against different players on the web. So, by joining the ten distinct species of dragons, you can attempt to beat the rest of the players in the Dragon City universe.


 Dragon is an attribute currently unique to Dragon World. By aggregating different copies of Dragon in the drop zone. An attribute is a bit of information (a “statistic”) that describes to what degree an anecdotal character in a pretending game possesses a specific nature, an in-brought into the world characteristic basic to all characters in the game. That bit of information is usually an abstract number or, in some cases, a set of shakers. Some games use various terms to allude to an attribute, such as statistic, (essential) characteristic or capacity.

Water Dragons 1952 and 2012:

Water calms their normal enthusiasm, making them sensitive, understanding, instinctive and viable.

Metal Dragons 1940 and 2000:

Metal gives these strength and continuance. Metal Dragons make great leaders.

Earth Dragons 1928 and 1988:

Earth ensures these are immovably grounded. Earth Dragons are usually sensible and self-controlled.

Fire Dragons 1916 and 1976:

Fired-up these can be Impatient, unusual and active with a brisk temper. Wood Dragons 1904 and 1964 (and 2024): Wood makes these Dragons inventive, versatile and gregarious.


the fire dragon is a mystical animal, yet it is also a Chinese zodiac sign that symbolizes the majority of the characteristics of fire dragons. The following are 3 of these interesting characteristics that set them separated from some other animal, human or not.

1. Strong Leaders: Dragon individuals are exceptionally incredible and as such make strong leaders. They can be stubborn and tend to need to do things their way, however on the positive side, they can be incredible motivators to others who struggle with staying on task. They inspire, are appreciated and can be trusted by anybody; in this way, they do incredible work for those that surround them. They are an uncommon thing, yet those that do exist are strong, fearless and prepared to help out those out of luck.

2. Ambitious: Not ones to sit on the sidelines, they will, in general, have elevated goals. They are exceptionally energetic to progress nicely, love helping other people and in spite of the fact that their outside may alarm some away at first, at last, they can turn into the strongest partner that you can have in your corner. Usually, when a dispute arises, a fire dragon will be approached to make room and bring harmony all through. 3. Enormous Hearts: Lone wolves with huge hearts; while they will, in general, be so extraordinary that they are sometimes isolated, their huge hearts are irresistible. They become fast friends, are steadfast and trustworthy and are solidly unfathomable. They are charismatic and sure and inspire others to be the same. A major heart can take you far throughout everyday life and they will help other people achieve their goals as well as coming to their own. The  remarkable characteristics of a fire dragon incorporate strong leadership skills, an unending desire to progress nicely and help other people, and a major heart. These elements consolidated to make an astounding being that can be trusted, useful and indispensable for specific circumstances.

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The water dragon is simply put, the development of water made by man. To separate that, it is a man-made wellspring that creates water development. Water dragon has numerous faces and can be constructed in endless ways however a reasonable method to recognize a water dragon is that there is a structured passage point at a specific degree and a left point at another specific degree. The specific degrees, where the dragon must stream, in any case, were believed to be known as secret. They aren’t of course and can be found on various websites on the web and a considerable number of books on an assortment of subjects hold these once-secret degrees.

There are some hard and steady rules when designing water dragon that whenever abused, are said to cause disastrous effects. So, a couple of tips should be noted so that you may add all the positive features to your water dragon. It is said by consultants and specialists alike that you are never to break the direct-backhanded spirit rules that one should never place water dragon in the West, Northwest, South or Northeast. It must be based on regular landforms outside to enable the positive vitality to stream in the house also. That means in structure water dragon you should be close to the mountains. They really mean rough, tree-shrouded mountains and not buildings in the city or some other diverse assortment.

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The Earth Dragon appears calmer than different types of Dragons. They have an enormous assortment of hobbies and are always mindful of what is happening around them. They are very great leaders and won’t experience any difficulty getting individuals on their side when they think of another thought.

They are exceptionally smart in budgetary situations and will most likely accumulate considerable riches. They are awesome organizers in spite of the fact that they can sometimes be somewhat fussy. They will always have a huge friend network.

The Dragon is a glad and enthusiastic person with a ceaseless supply of self-certainty. They are exceedingly keen and rush to exploit any opportunity. They are resolved and strong-disapproved to do well in anything they endeavor, which usually comes normally to them. They are somewhat of a perfectionist and will always attempt to keep up exclusive expectations that they set for themselves.

The Dragon will rush to reprimand anyone that tries to make a trick out of them. They can sometimes be seen as gruff and straight to the point and are surely not strategic or sensitive. They can be very artless and will regularly accept what individuals let them know. The Dragon does not mess with the insult on the off chance that they believe they have been insulted or harmed, at that point, it will require a long investment for them to figure out how to trust you again as they remember things easily. The Dragon is usually very friendly and is extraordinary at pulling in publicity and consideration. They appreciate Dragons appreciate being the focal point of consideration and will adapt well to problems should they be looked with them. The Dragon can be depicted as somewhat of a showman that seldom lacks a group of people.

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